Our annual trial, affectionately known as the Memorial Day Bash, began in 1997. Each year hundreds of terriers and Dachshunds gather over Memorial Day weekend at beautiful Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO. Our trial offers events in Conformation, Racing, Go-to-Ground, Barn Hunt, Brush Hunt, Lure Coursing and Muskrat Racing. For those interested in Agility, a NADAC event is scheduled that same weekend up the hill by the Visitors Center. We have also offered BAER testing in past years and Ataxia screening for Jack Russell terriers. We occasionally offer other events such as Trailing and Locating to further challenge your earth-working dog. We offer a two days of Racing, Friday night and Sunday morning, on our infamous "Hill of Sorrows", so named for its length and incline, guaranteeing that only the strongest terriers of each heat reach the finish line.

Conformation - A large percentage of the trial organizers and members of our local club hunt their terriers so an emphasis on working has always been stressed. In the past, our Conformation judges have been terrier men from the U.K. or working judges in the U.S. who hunt their terriers regularly. We were also fortunate to be granted the use of JRTCA judges for our trial. The class that crosses the breed line is the Champion Working Terrier class which includes the Jack Russells and Colored terriers.

Racing – We offer both flat and steeplechase racing on two separate days of racing: Friday night under the lights, and Sunday morning. In addition to the regular Puppy, Adult, and Veteran divisions in racing we also include 4-6 month pups, Dachshunds, Colored Terrier, and a Senior Veteran class for terriers over 9 years of age. Our "Hill of Sorrows" is reknown around the country as one of the toughest and fairest race courses going!

Go-to-Ground (GTG) - We are the only trial that boasts eight dug in GTG tunnels and some of them have several configurations. This allows various tunnels to be used for Fun Days and the trial events. The Stakes GTG tunnel configuration varies from year to year, providing a unique and challenging course for the dogs to negotiate. Tunnels which will be used at the trial for Open and Championship are shut down in May, eliminating the possibility of an advantage to our local dogs.

Barn Hunt - Our incredible Barn Hunt looks like a set from a stage production with its hay bales, farm implements, and equipment. It gives the dogs an introduction to locating quarry in a very realistic situation.

Brush Hunt - Brush Hunt is held in a natural, wooded area that is fenced. Dogs of any breed are welcome to participate! The clock starts when the judge is ready and signals you to release your dog at the gate, all four paws on the ground. After one minute, the handler may assist the terrier in locating the quarry. The judge will stop the time when the terrier locates the quarry.

Tunnel Vision 2.0 - An above ground, multi-level Go-To-Ground tunnel system, with a view! You can watch your dog having fun through the one plexiglas side. Can your dog navigate up, over and through, in the fastest time? Enter as many times as you wish, the fastest time is recorded for your dog for places in each class.

Muskrat Racing - It’s wet, it’s wild, it’s Saturday Night Lights at Purina Farms! It’s another chance for your dog to compete in an event seldom seen at terrier trials anymore – Muskrat Racing. The pool is 18 X 50, heated, filtered, with an exit ramp at one end. This is a new competition area at Purina which also includes permanent seating, an Astro-turf field and lights! We are honored to introduce this event to a new audience of city slickers! 

For an up close and personal story of four Jacks from Texas and their Muskrat Racing experience, click to read the article "Muskrat Love" from an issue of the JRTCA magazine, “True Grit”. Reprint permission granted by author Priscilla David

Bronze Medallion – Dogs earning their JRTCA Bronze Medallion for Special Merit in the Field and dogs earning 10 or more certificates from AWTA have a special recognition march during Conformation on Saturday. We formally invite all dogs who have earned this distinction to come to the trial and be recognized.

Lure coursing - This is a large, oval track where each dog runs individually, without a muzzle.  Entries are split by height and age and all breeds are welcome to participate. Lure coursing is available on Saturday and Sunday

Rescue Raffle – our raffle raises money to support our local and regional rescue activities.

We are an Open trial that welcomes many breeds of terriers and Dachshunds in addition to Jack Russells. Check the earthdog breed list below to see if your terrier can become a participant in our trial. Our average number of four legged participants is about 200. We include spayed and neutered earthdogs in all phases of our competition.


The breeds defined as "Earthdogs" are:

• Australian Terrier

• Bedlington Terrier

• Border Terrier

• Cairn Terrier

• Cesky Terrier

• Dachshund

• Dandie Dinmont Terrier

• Glen of Imaal Terrier

• Jack Russell Terrier

• Lakeland Terrier

• Manchester Terrier

• Miniature Bull Terrier

• Miniature Schnauzer

• Norfolk Terrier

• Norwich Terrier

• Parson Russell Terrier

• Rat Terrier

• Scottish Terrier

• Sealyham Terrier

• Silky Terrier

• Skye Terrier

• Smooth Fox Terrier

• Welsh Terrier

• West Highland White Terrier

• Wire Fox Terrier

• Patterdale


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