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has always nurtured the goal to include other “Earthdogs” along with our crazy Jack Russell Terriers to participate in our trials and events. We continue with plans to grow our club in this area in the future.

1996   Bonita Knickmeyer began gathering Jack Russell Terrier owners at her home on weekends to participate in “earthdog” stuff, but it soon became apparent that the earthdogs had outgrown Bonita’s spacious Cedar Hill, Missouri property.

1997   After many conversations between Bonita, Susan Parsons, Connie Jones, Charlene Schlueter, Shirley LaMear and Marcia Gay, it was agreed that a local trial would be a fantastic thing for us! A trial in our own backyard- how great would that be! After looking at several locations, Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO was approached and we scheduled our first Memorial Day Bash for May, 1997. Our partnership with Nestle-Purina and Purina Farms has grown and we eventually built four “Go-To-Ground” tunnel complexes on their grounds for use by our club and also for any AKC Earthdog competitions. We then retired Bonita's old starting box and purchased a beautiful custom racing box with the proceeds of our first trial. As we accumulated more stuff, Purina supplied us with a storage shed, which we share with the local sight hound club.

1998   Our Trial became part of television history as an episode in a series that was presented on the A&E (Arts and Entertainment) television network. The story spread the word about the Jack Russell Terrier breed. 

2002   The club became a Missouri Not For Profit Corporation with established By-Laws.

2005   We host the Patterdale Terrier Nationals in conjunction with our trial. The Border Terriers hold their National at Purina and give us high marks!

2006   Our local Dachshund club, the St. Louis Gateway Lo-Downs discovered us in 2006 and began to participate in both our Fun Days and trial events. We opened classes for them at the Bash and welcomed another breed of earthdogs.  

2008   Through the work of Susan Parsons, one of our Board of Directors, we became one of a handful of trials in the US to be recognized by the JRTCA as an unsanctioned JRTCA trial which can use JRTCA judges, if we so desire!

2009 The Trial Committee elects to hold an AWTA trial in conjunction with the Memorial Day Bash. With over 80 entries it becomes the largest trial in AWTA history.

2010 Work begins on the new GTG complexes at Purina, executed by Susan Parsons and David Brown of the Dachshund Club of St. Louis. An additional complex brings the total available earthworks to five. 

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celebrates National Pet Month at the May Fun Day by donating the Fun Day money to the Franklin County Humane Society.




2010 Club members Shirley LaMear, Bettina Woolbright and Bonita Knickmeyer become contributors to a new book, “Do More With Your Dog” by Kyra Sundance (permission granted 8-30-2010 to post on this site).  VIEW OUR THREE PAGES

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